Four days of coughing and sneezing and phlegm...I had to find other things to occupy my time.

Well, I found out 10 different things!

It's really weird what your mind can think of when you have Nyquil or other medicine in your system when you are sick. Here are 10 things that I just discovered:

10: The word "WEIRD" is one of the only words where it's E before I instead of I before E

9: On Demand really stinks when you can't fast forward through the commercials

8: There are not enough tissues in the world

7: I still can't understand the alligator catchers! Their accents are so thick!!!

6: Fever blisters hurt

5: Chocolate doesn't really help you feel better because you can't taste it!

4: Snakes size up their pray before they kill it

3: Waking up from sleeping on the couch to a Danny Kaye movie is awesome!

2: Never run out of chicken soup...NOT a good thing

1: Anderson could make the sickest person feel like they could move the world. Well, I kind of already knew that...