For Christmas, Chad's mom, Jackie Hood, gave me the ULTIMATE gift! I've always wanted one and I couldn't believe what I saw when I took off the wrapping paper! AN ICE CREAM MAKER! Oh, this is going to be a yummy 2013.

You mean, I can have ice cream ANYTIME I want? You betcha!  It came with the recipes for standard ice creams, richer ice creams, sherbets and sorbets! Can life get any better?

Oh, yes it can.

Because it's not that expensive to make! Milk, heavy cream, sugar and a flavor is basically all you need! The kids love vanilla and chocolate. Chad loves mint chocolate chip and me, well, I love EVERYTHING!!

It makes enough for all five of us in the house in just a half hour! That means, we could have ice cream every night for dessert!

This could be a bad, bad thing...I'll have to hit the gym a little more but it's worth it!

Yay for ice cream! Thank you, Jackie!

Photo by Sharon Buck