A couple in Florida had to tread water in the ocean for 13 hours after they fell off the back of their boat. Sean McGovern of Key Largo and Mellisa Morris visiting from Texas were off the coast of Key Largo when the fell off the back of their boat. The boat was in gear and just kept motoring away. The couple were recused by four fisherman who noticed birds and figured that was a sign there were fish in the water, what they found surprised them. They pulled the two from the water, cold, tired and dehydrated, Morris was very weak and couldn’t stand when pulled her onboard. They were found seven miles off shore and pruned from head to toe. They were not wearing life-vests and how they fell overboard is not clear. Their boat was recovered after it ran on the beach at Ocean Manor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale. The seas were calm, lucky for them, but the way the currents were, if they had not been recovered when they were, they probably would have floated somewhere near North Florida and the chance of survival would have been extremely thin. sun-sentinal.com http://youtu.be/0_a_74VzOno