In this day and age of high-priced baseball players, it’s hard to believe that at one time baseball players made next to nothing. In 1946, for instance, player’s salaries were raised, ‘raised’ mind you, to $5,000 per season and not all players received such an outrageous salary.

Some other firsts from 1946: Boston Red Sox second baseman Johnny Pesky became the first player in the American League to score six runs in one game. It was a 14-10 win over the Chicago White Sox. That same year, the All Star game was played at Fenway Park and the American League beat the National League 12-0.

In 1946 the Yankees became the first team to fly on a regular basis to their games when they leased a United Airlines plane they nicknamed ‘Yankee Mainlander’.

In March that year the farm club of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Montreal Royals, became the first integrated baseball team when Jackie Robinson was in the line-up.

The Chicago White Sox became the first team to offer a media guide. And in 1946, August 9th, a Friday night, all games played that day in the American and National Leagues for the first time were played at night under the lights.