A 20 year old woman in Chile has doctors scratching their heads for an answer as to why she cries blood. Yaritza Oliva, who lives in Purranque, developed the condition earlier this month and now bleeds from her eyes several times a day.

Her parents are trying to raise money to take her to an eye expert to see if they can determine the cause of the problem. Miss Oliva says the pain in her eyes is unbelievable but her parents can’t afford to take her to an expert to find out the cause.

Some experts have suggested she has a condition called Haemolacria which makes her tears have a red tinge and appear as though she is crying blood. The condition is extremely rare with only three cases ever reported. It may be another problem Miss Oliva has, like a tumor in the system that produces tears or, as some suggest, a severe case of stress or psychological upset.