I am sorry to say, you can't fix stupid. And no one can fix this. The 3 men filmed their actions at Utah's Goblin Valley State Park. They then did the next stupid step and uploaded the footage to Facebook. According to the Salt Lake Tribune They may be looking at felony charges. To make matters even worse, these were not just any old run of the mill guys, they are SCOUT LEADERS!

One of the guys said it was a safety concern for them. One of the guys told the Salt Lake Tribune he had felt the rock move when he touched it and the man were worried it would fall and hurt some one. Let me go with that, if you have a safety concern in a state park you take it to, I don't know, maybe a park ranger?! You don't just go destroying anything like that!

My boyfriend, who was a Scout Leader for years and is an Eagle Scout, was beyond words. Trust me, it is not often he is without words for something. I am sure Utah will take actions against the men, but really there a punishment that fits this crime?

Here is the video. Watch with caution, it is heartbreaking.