For the first time since 2008 beer sales have increased, according to the Beer Institute, and some see it as a sign the economy is recovering. Not sure how drinking beer is a signal the recession could be on the mend but for the convenience stores and restaurants that sale beer they are enjoying a growth in revenue. Despite the economy taking beer sales down with it a few years ago, beer still has the highest sales of other alcoholic drinks like wine.  


Retail sales grew by 3% with most of the sales attributed to; high-end beer, imports, local brewers and an unseasonably warm St Patrick’s Day. Growth in other areas wasn’t as good though, low-end beers and flagship brands like Coors and Miller are still struggling. MillerCoors did see sales increases in the first quarter of this year as compared to the first quarter last year but with the American beer drinker still hurting from the slow recovery, beer sales may stay flat for a while.