Time to get ready for the annual B98.5 Tanksgiving food drive. It runs this week November 5 to 9 at Camp Keys in Augusta. The old tank at the top of the hill is the inspiration for the name and it’s where the Maine Army National Guard sets a tent for me live in for the week. Without the Guard and donations from the great people in Central Maine, this food drive wouldn’t work. Members of the 152nd Maintenance Division volunteer their time to collect food at area supermarkets for those in need in Central Maine. We all see the price increase at the grocery store every time we shop, but assistance programs and salaries haven’t kept pace.  The need this year is greater than ever and we hope our food drive can help area food banks get through the holiday’s.

'Tanks'giving 2011

Every year I dawn an Army uniform and stay at the tent for 98.5 hours as the food drive raises as much food as possible. It seems every year, for the past 4 or 5, the need to help those in our community grows. It is incredible to see how one donation of non-perishable food grows to an amazing amount of food. Any can or box of food goes a long way to feed our neighbors and friends. Last year was the first time we were able to weigh the food donated and it came to ‘8 tons’. That helped the Salvation Army and many local food banks stock their shelves and have food for Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond. That’s what’s needed if we have any hope of ending hunger in Maine. Check our schedule for the week and see when we’ll be close to you and donate. You can always collect food for the week and bring it by the tent…I’ll be there.