I had a birthday on October 11th turning &$#??!$# years old. My best friend growing up was Bill Hartley who now owns H & L Ranch in Brooksville, Fl. just outside of Tampa. Bill and I went to school together from kindergarten thru high school and made a lot of memories together. He found a picture of us and our friends at (what looks like 8 years old) his birthday party. In the photo (looking at it) I am on the right, Bill is in the middle, my sister Laurie is on the left in the back and Bill and my heartthrob at the time, Margaret Hugo, is sitting just in front of me. Like I told Bill, that photo was from a galaxy far far away from a time never to return. Just looking at the picture, which was taken in the late 50’s to early 60’s, times have changed. Notice the girls are wearing party dresses and boys dress shirts, pants and I have a tie on…for a birthday party! Mom always did know how to dress me. To think at that age all we could wish for was to be older, and now, well maybe not that young, but at least the age thing could slow down a little.