It’s now possible to quit using deodorant, perfume and other body scents thanks to new candy, Deo Perfume Candy, an edible deodorant.  The technology behind the idea goes back to when scientists discovered foods such as garlic and asparagus can affect body odor. The same thought process is used with Deo Perfume Candy; ingest rose oil that contains geraniol which aromatizes when evaporating through the skin.  The technical side can be left to the scientists, but one serving (4 pieces) would be enough perfume to last about 6 hours making you smell rosie fresh.

Bags of Deo Candy are expected to be available in American soon as they are already selling in Spain, China, Germany and other countries. Bags of the candy sell for $10 and just a few pieces will go a long way. Turning edible candy into perfume is heating up in the business world too as a Dutch company, Swallowable Parfum is trying to develop a similar candy.