Getty Images, photo by Scott Haleran

Cookie jars, for many years, have been a place people put money to either save or to just have around the house. Ricardo Cerezo, a Chicago man, would buy lottery tickets and stuff them in his cookie jar.  He didn’t check the tickets before storing them in the cookie jar, thinking if he did need cash, maybe one of the tickets would have a little money on it for a rainy day.

Cereza’s wife convinced him to take the lottery tickets to the local 7-Eleven and have them checked, so he did (you always should listen to your wife). There were 10 tickets in all that had not been checked since May and the first seven tickets came up blank. It was the eighth ticket that said ‘file a claim’. Turns out Mr. Cereza had the winning ticket for the February 2nd lotto drawing which was worth $4.85 million. The Cereza’s said they will pay off their mortgage, give some to the kids and charities, and they are giving a little advice to lottery ticket buyers, check your tickets!