Last Thursday, President Obama attended a luncheon put on by the GOP and Maine Senator Susan Collins. It was a Maine feast with Lobster salad from the University of Maine and a Maine specialty, Blueberry Pie plus ice cream and chips, but the President didn’t have a bite to eat…why? His official taste tester didn’t make the luncheon with him so he didn’t eat. He did compliment Senator Collins on the spread but declined to eat.

Senator Collins did tell the President that everyone at the luncheon were taste testers for him but that didn’t convince the Commander in Chief to partake. The spread was a nod to the Presidents wife’s campaign on healthy eating, her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign, and while the President looked at the spread with desiring eyes, he didn’t eat. It wasn’t a slight to the GOP; it’s just that the President doesn’t usually eat at events outside the White House. The only way President Obama eats at functions outside the White House is when he is accompanied by his military chef. His chef doesn’t cook for these events but he does oversee the preparation of the food to insure his safety.