Getty Images, photo by Pool

I love watching basketball, especially this time of year when the playoffs are going on, even though my favorite team, the Boston Celtics was eliminated early by the New York Knicks. The problem I’m having this year is it seems the refs are taking over the game too much. I understand there have been times when they have to get the game under control and fouls, even technical fouls, are necessary but, I have seen the refs call fouls that aren’t even there.

I have always been a proponent of keeping the game under control and the 'refs call is the refs call,' move on to the next play, quit complaining. This year in the playoffs it seems the refs have a very quick whistle, blowing it before the play is complete. I have seen fouls called when it was very clear, especially in instant replay, there wasn’t a foul there. I have also seen a clear foul, with or without instant replay, and no foul was called. As a fan of the sport it is frustrating. Since my Celtics are out, I don’t have a favorite to win it all but, as a fan of the sport, I hope the refs can clean up their act and start getting it right so it doesn’t affect the outcome of the games.