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Big 'n Rich are probably best known for their 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy', the song that took country music by surprise and by storm. But don't be fooled. They don't just have a fun side. Big Kenny and John Rich are intelligent writers. The song '8th of November' shows just how deep they care about America and its veterans.

Off the album 'Comin' To Your City', it was released in May of 2006. It was their 7th top 40 hit. It only reached number 18 on the charts but the public held it in higher regard than radio. It was nominated for Song of the Year and Video of the Year by the CMAs.

The song is about Niles Harris and what happened to him on November 8, 1965. He was serving in Vietnam when his unit, the 173rd Airborn Brigade, was ambushed by the Viet Cong in Operation Hump. They were ambushed by 1,200 Viet Cong. 48 American soldiers lost their lives that day. Harris was one of the soldiers save by Lawrence Joel, a field medic and the first living African-American to be awarded the Medal of Honor for saving many lives that day.

The top hat you see Big Kenny wear was given to him by Harris.

It's a very moving song, some calling it the best war song written in the last 40 years. You can watch video below. With Veterans Day this coming Monday, please take time to thank a veteran, whether in your family or the ones you see on the street or in the store. Thank them for all they did for this great country.