Kamryn Renfrom a 9 year old girl from Grand Junction, Colorado was kept out of class at Caprock Academy on Monday because she shaved her head. The school has a strict policy about girls shaving their head, but Kamryn’s reason was a special one.

The 9 year old shaved her head to support a friend that was starting chemotherapy to treat cancer. Delaney Clements just started chemo treatments and said she was excited about someone stepping up to support her.

When Kamryn went to school, they had a different look on things. They said the girl couldn’t return to school until she got a wig or her natural hair grew back. Her mother emailed the school to explain why she shaved her head but administrators said they couldn’t make exceptions.

After a nationwide uproar the board held a special meeting and voted 3-1 to allow Kamryn back in school making an exception under ‘extraordinary circumstances’. The one member that voted ‘no’ said he was worried that it would set a precedent for policy wavers.

In any case, Kamryn is back in school and supporting her friend that has cancer.