Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The NFL season is at the halfway mark already and I thought it would be fun to see how my football predictions were doing. It's not very pretty. In the AFC East, I had the Patriots first, Buffalo second, Jets third and Miami last. In the AFC North, I had Baltimore followed by Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Cleveland. In the AFC South, I had it as Indy, Tennessee, Houston and Jacksonville. In the AFC West, I predicted Kansas City winning the division, folowed by Denver, San Diego and Oakland.Wow, are thse bad predictions or what! The Patriots are in first, but Miami is better than I thought. Baltimore is in first but are fading, Houston is doing a lot better than I thought and Indy is having a good season, but winning the division, really? Kansas City has been one of the worst teams in the league and I had them going to the AFC Championship game!

In the NFC, my predictions aren't much better. I had the NFC East as the Eagles, Giants, Cowboys and Redskins. In the NFC North, I had Green Bay, Chicago, Detriot and Minnesota. In the NFC South, I predicted it this way, I had Atlanta winning, followed by New Orleans, Carolina and Tampa Bay. In the NFC West, I predicted, San Francisco,Seattle, St. Louis and Arizona. I had a New England and 49ers Superbowl. It could still happen!