When you think of monkeys, you often think of them eating a banana. It's a natural pairing like peanut butter and jelly, baseball and hot dogs. However, one zoo in southwestern England wouldn't be feeding the monkeys in their zoo bananas anymore.The Paignton Zoo in Devon, England is banning bananas and replacing the monkey's diet with leafy veggies and sprouts instead. Why? The zoo says that the high calorie and sugar content of bananas grown for human consumption, which are sweeter than those found in the wild, are bad for the monkeys' health and can rot their teeth.

The zoo has not found a supplier for wild-grown bananas that would be more suitable for the monkeys.

Since the change in the diet, the zoo has found a change in their behavior and an improvement in their fur. Some of the smaller monkeys are less aggressive and their coats are thicker and better.