New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez continues to be the focus of a homicide investigation.

According to the New York Daily News twitter feeds, two groups of detectives and uniformed police officers entered the tight end’s driveway Saturday (6/22.)  Also a German shepherd police dog has been brought to search Hernandez’s house.

From NBC Sports:

The search included multiple K-9 units and a locksmith. Per the Herald, police left with what appeared to be multiple evidence bags. FOX 25 in Boston described them as large brown bags, pegging the amount at “several.”

More than a dozen state police officers were on the Hernandez property for roughly four total hours.

Authorities continue to investigate the death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, who was found fatally shot in the head earlier this week near Hernandez’s house in North Attleborough, Massachusetts.

Hernandez has been linked to the murder and new reports claim a security system in his home was intentionally battered, while a cell phone was given to authorities “in pieces.” In addition, a team of cleaners was spotted leaving his residence before cops arrived to search the house.

A local TV report claims there is evidence connecting Hernandez to the crime scene and that he was with Lloyd the night of his death. According to authorities, Lloyd was romantically involved with the woman who mothered Hernandez’s daughter.

Hernandez has a history with guns and is being sued by a man who claims he lost an eye after Hernandez once shot him.