For those of you who don’t know who he is, Aaron has been the founding member and lead singer of the rock group, Staind, that has sold 15 million albums since 1995. He is from Massachusetts and, if you think about it, the last country star from the Northeast was Jo Dee Messina who hasn’t had a hit since 2005.

Can a rock star go country? Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish did and has been extremely successful. But Aaron’s music with Staind is a little harder, a little rougher. We’ll have you judge for yourself. If you look at the video for

his song ‘Endless Summer’ it certainly SOUNDS like a country song. It has the down home country feel to it to. I think he’s a great writer. He has a unique voice and doesn’t hide the fact that he doesn’t have a twang…not every country star does.

The first single off his 2011 album, Town Line, was called ‘Country Boy’ and was a collaboration with George Jones, Charlie Daniels and Chris Young. He certainly has the backing of Nashville. He is on the edge of being big in country music. 2013 may be his big year to finally break through.

I’ve been a big fan for the past few years. I hope you’ll give his music a listen and, hopefully, become a fan, too!