It was a case of mistaken identity or a case of just plain dumb. According to the Jamestown Sun a Rhode Island man was trying to pass fake $100 bills at a Target store in Attleboro, Massachusetts, but the counterfeiter made one tiny mistake. Instead of Benjamin Franklin bring the picture on his $100 bills; it was a picture of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is the face on a $5 dollar bill and Franklin is on the hundred.

29 year old Dana Leland used the counterfeit hundreds to buy items less than $25 at Target. It doesn’t mention where he got the bills but he was charged with possession of a counterfeit note and held on $1,000 cash bail. Leland’s lawyer says his client has mental health issues and drugs problems which have gone untreated causing a relapse. I just hope the court didn’t let him pay his bail in $100 bills!