According to a new study fewer and fewer couples are getting married these days.  Bowling Green State University’s National Center for Marriage and Family Research shows the marriage rate in the U.S. in 31 marriages per 1,000 unmarried women.

That means for every 1,000 women only 31 are getting married. Compare that to 1920 when the marriage rate was 92 of every 1,000. The study also shows women are getting married at a later age, 27, the highest point in over 100 years.

Other research shows 51 per cent on Americans are married compared to 1960 when the percentage was 72. More and more people are choosing to live together rather than go the traditional route of marriage.  Some reasons for that are it is more socially acceptable to live together rather than marry and more couples are waiting until they are financially secure before they tie the knot.