Rush Week continues on American Idol, last night, we find out who the judges selected as the top ten guys out of the top 15. Randy Jackson, along with American Idol alums, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert are on board with an Idol Boot Camp. Here's what happened.1. Caleb Johnson: He has auditioned a few other season and just missed out making the top ten. He has a big, rocker voice and he rocked out last night. His over-the-top personality could rub some people the wrong way.
2. C.J.Harris: He sings a Ray Lamontagne song and C.J. has a cool raspy voice and comes across as very likeable. I see him making the top ten.
3. Emmanuel Zidor: Why? Way over the top and last night he laid a BIG thud of a performance. His vocals were horrible, his dance moves were laughable. Oh, how I wish Simon was still on the show to comment on that performance!
4. Sam Wolfe: This 17-year-old is mature beyond his years. Poised, in-tune, not flashy, what a refreshing change on the show. He better make the top ten.
5. George Lovell: I really liked him in the auditions and Hollywood Week, but last night, George wasn't at his best.
6. Dexter Roberts: The farm kid rocked Craig Morgan's 'This Ole Boy'. He is very likeable, solid singer and was comfortable on stage. He should make the top ten.
7. Alex Preston: New Hampshire native did a solid job. He is different and had a strong vocal performance. He isn't your typical Idol contestant. He's 20 but looks 40, makes weird faces while singing and has so-so stage presence. He was good enough last night to advance.
8. Malcolm Allen: Kind of surprised that he made the top ten. He was very uncomfortable on stage, vocals were forced, was one of the weaker performances of the night.
9. Ben Briley: Glad he made the top ten! He rocked out on some Allman Brothers. Strong vocals, comfortable on stage and played the electric guitar. I voted for Ben.
10. Spencer Lloyd: He gives off a 'cocky' vibe and the girls in the audience really liked him. His vocals weren't that good and the judges called him on it. I think he makes it into the top ten.

That means Casey Thrasher, Briston Maroney, Ethan Harris, Jordan Brisbane and Maurice Townsend didn't get to perform. I really wished that Casey and Maurice had made the top ten.

Meanwhile, here's Dexter Roberts performance of Craig Morgan's 'This Ole Boy'. Let us know what you think!