The theme last night on American Idol was 'Songs from the Cinema'. That gives the top 11 contestants a large selection of songs to choose from. What did they sing and more importantly how did they do? Let's look back.Sam was first and sang a lightweight version of the Beatles' 'Come Together'. Sam has a good voice but this perform didn't have the grit and power the song deserved.

Jessica was next and sang 'Sound Of Silence'. It seemed like the song fit her voice, but midway through the song, the band messed up and her performance started to fall apart.

C.J. put it all together last night. C.J. sang 'Can't You See' by the Marshall Tucker Band. It fit his voice like a glove.

My boy Dexter sang 'Sweet Home Alabama' and it was solid but not specular. Dexter needs to step it up a little bit!

Ben tries to show a different side by singing Elton John. He starts playing the piano to Bennie and the Jets and he is dressed to the nines. I thought it was an okay performance, but the judges raked him over the coals. He could be in danger tonight.

Majesty jumped on the Frozen craze and sang the popular song from that movie 'Let It Go' and it was the worst performance of the night. Majesty is usually so in-tune and poised. She was very off on the song and what was she wearing?

Caleb sang Skyfall from the James Bond movie. He sang it well and put his signature rocker touch on it. Caleb has to be the favorite to win this season.

M.K. without a hat and she sings 'To Make You Feel My Love' from Hope Floats and she wasn't that bad.

Alex is growing on me. He sang 'Falling Slowly' and it was in-tune. Alex makes up his lack of range with artistry.

Jena sings 'Decode' and she showed some vocal power and delivered a solid performance.

Mayala closes the show two weeks in a row, why? She sings a song from Dreamgirls and wasn't horrible. Judges gushed over her.

My guess for the bottom three will be Ben, Majesty and Mayala. With Ben leaving.