American Idol's top nine had the theme this week of 'I'm With The Band'. Kind of lame theme, it looked like it was trending towards 'rock' week, but Dexter sang Little Big Town, so I'm not really sure what the theme was. Anyway, the performances overall were better this week. Here's my recap.Alex: He sings 'Don't Speak' by No Doubt and it a solid performance by Alex. He gives it his indie rock, jazz flavored take. The judges say Alex needs to infuse more energy. I think he's safe.

Majesty: One of my early favorites has struggled and this week she was somewhat better but not stellar. She sang a song by the band Florence and the Machine. She seemed looser on stage but her vocals still missed some notes.

Dexter: He sings 'Boondocks' by Little Big Town. Great song, but it really is suited for more than one singer and harmonies. Dexter sang it well and changed it up some. I thought it was a very solid job, the judges disagreed.

Malaya: She takes on the Beatles and 'Long And Winding Road', such an iconic song could make it a big risk. Vocally she was good, but I still don't think it was great.

Sam: The shy, teenage heart throb, takes on 'Hey Delilah' by the Plain White-T's. It was typical Sam, vocally good but sleepy and boring.

Jessica: She's been compared vocally to Stevie Nicks so she sings 'Rhianon' by Fleetwood Mac. I thought it was good but it seemed like she was trying too hard. The judges gave her okay comments.

C.J.: He sang 'If It Hadn't Been For Love' by the Steel Drivers. I never heard this song before and that could be a risk if the audience doesn't know the song. C.J. again has major pitch problems and he tries to compensate with passion in his performance, it didn't work.

Caleb: Takes on Led Zeppelin's 'Dazed & Confused' and this was in his wheelhouse. Caleb seems to be head and shoulders above the first seven contestants that sang before him.

Jena: She had to follow Caleb and guess what, she did as good as Caleb did! She sang 'Bring Me To Life' and it was her best effort this season. I think this brings Jena into final four status.

My guess for the bottom three: Dexter, CJ and Jessica with C.J. leaving.