The top 12 contestants on American Idol were waiting on pins and needles as they found out whether they were safe or in the bottom three. We quickly find out that Sam is safe along with Ben and Jessica. Emily Piriz is in the bottom three. Who else will join her?First we hear a new song from American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. It's a strong performance and a pretty good song called 'Raging Fire'.

Now more results, my boy Dexter is safe! Along with Alex and Majesty. Jena Irene is in the bottom three.

The judges and mentor Randy Jackson are all featuring up and coming music acts on the show. Randy's choice is an Irish band called 'Kodaline'. There performance reminded me of U2 light. It's was just alright dawg!

More results, C.J., Caleb and Mayala are safe. M.K. is in the bottom three.

So the bottom three are Emily, Jena and M.K..It's not shaping up to be a good season for the ladies. I am kind of surprised that Emily and Jena were in the bottom three. I was thinking maybe Mayala and Alex would have joined M.K.

Jena is safe. It's down to Emily and M.K. and it's Emily with the lowest amount of votes. WHAT! REALLY! Emily does a strong job on her save performance but the judges do not save her. Jennifer Lopez seems really upset with the decision.

Next week's theme will be songs from the movies. So it looks like another week where the contestants can find a song that fit their musical styles.

Do you think the right contestant was sent home?

Here's a video farewell to Emily.