People love their coffee and a good cup of coffee is hard to beat. Something else that’s hard to beat is the price of a new coffee maker on the market for $11,000. It’s called 'The Clover' and it brews one cup of coffee at a time in about 45 seconds. 'The Clover' is so expensive because they are not mass produced; they’re built to order and can produce the same cup of coffee every time it’s used. 'The Clover' can precisely regulate brewing time, amount of water and most importantly the temperature.


The coffee machine is mostly for cafés and restaurants which need to sell a cup of Joe at $10 to $15 to make buying the machine worthwhile. For practical purposes having one of these coffee makers in your home would not be cost effective. Lesser methods of coffee making are less reliable in making the same tasting cup of coffee twice in a row but 'The Clover,' because it regulates the temperature during brewing, can do what other less expensive models can’t. Programmable workflow modes help the brewing process so each cup of coffee tastes the same. Sounds like this coffee machine may do most anything but it cannot choose your beans, grind your beans or put the exact dose of coffee in the filter, but I can make a great cup of coffee. The only question you have to ask, is a really great cup of coffee worth $10 to $15? My answer, No!