There are some moments you look forward to. Some that you wait for, very patiently. And when they happen, it's like the angels start singing!

And Anderson had one of those moments yesterday.

Anderson's 7th birthday is coming up on September 1st. I can't believe he is starting 2nd grade. He said he wants a race car birthday party. THAT we can handle. But I was having a hard time figuring what to get his for his birthday. He doesn't need any more video games because it's better for him to get outside and play. He is allowed to play a little each day but then it's "Turn off all electronics and get outside!". No need to have a kid sit in front of a television screen all day!

So, when I looked at him on his bike yesterday I realized he is getting much bigger and that his bike was getting too small. The kid is all limbs! I looked at Anderson and asked "Would you like a new bike?" He said "Yes! One that makes sparks!"

Well, I have no idea what bike he is talking about. Guess I'll have to research that! But I told him, if he wanted a new bike then he would have to learn to ride without training wheels. I asked if he could do it and he said he could!

Helmet on, and starting out on the grassy hill, and with a little help from Mama...there he went! 10 feet! Not much but he kept getting better and better!

Chad said to take him on the dirt road. I asked him if he thought he was ready and Chad said "Let's find out!"

Here is the video. I almost cried. It's another milestone he has reached and, while he'll have many more, I'm just glad I was there to see this one. He still has a little trouble with push starting it himself but he's almost there. Now, to find a new bike...that sparks...