Last night after dinner, Anderson and I decided to work on his first grade spelling words. The teacher gives them out at the very beginning of the year and throughout the year the kids practice spelling them. We have been practicing a lot lately.

Being the INCREDIBLE reader he is, I thought he would do well.

But how well DID he do?

He amazes me. One word on the list is 'because.' He knew how to spell it in kindergarten 'because' his teacher, Mrs. Salley, taught him how.  He had trouble with the words 'her,' 'here,' 'little' and any word that started with 'th.' The 'th' words...He knew they started with 'th' and what the word ended with but the vowel eluded him. Still out of the 50 or so words, there were only about 15 he wasn't able to get.

It was really cute when he tried to spell 'little.' He was frustrated so I made up a song for him to remember it by annd it stuck! I wish I could do it for every word but that would be impossible.

Kids will sit there and write if you ask them to. The more time you spend with them the better students they will be. Remember to let them try on their own. Don't do it for them. Encourage them and show them how to figure things out. If they can figure out the latest video game, they can figure out whatever they are given.

Parents, take the time to help your child learn...who knows how far they could go!