Photo by Sharon Buck

I'm 38 years old. Anderson is 6. I remember watching 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood' and the one episode that I always remember is the one where Mr. Roger's made a peanut butter and banana boat sandwich.

I wanted one so bad but we never bought bananas when I was a kid. So, I never had one. Until NOW!

Growing up I missed out on a lot of things: sleepovers, sports, birthday parties. I didn't get to do much. So, now being a parent myself I want Anderson to experience all the things I didn't. That includes a peanut butter and banana sandwich!

Anderson has a pretty darn good cold going on. I was asking him what he wanted for lunch and he said he didn't know. Then, DING! I remembered I had bought bananas and when I asked if he wanted the sandwich, he lit right up and said, "YES!"

I went to town and made two. One for him and one for me. This would be MY first sandwich, too! There are not many things a parent and child can experience for the first time together. I'm glad this is one of them.

As he took his first bite I was so nervous to see what he would think. However, as you can see from the photos, he liked it!  Another super lunch for a super kid and another memory for this thankful mom.