The Patriots game was just wrapping up on Sunday, and one of my good friends couldn't make it to me birthday barbecue on Saturday, so I texted him asking if he wanted to go and watch football at The Bench in Gardiner.

Photo by Andy Capwell

He replied, I actually just pulled in, so off to Gardiner I went.

The Bench, has a promotion that throughout the week, for each drink you buy you get tickets for a chance to win a 32 inch flat screen television. They draw for the television every Sunday at halftime of the second game in the afternoon.

I had bought a couple of drinks and stayed until halftime. I won! It was a ticket from the second drink I bought.

I immediately started calling a few of my close friends because I was so excited that I won the television! I seemed way more excited about winning then they were for me!

So, last night, I moved the old 19 inch (heavy, bulky) television I currently have in my living room and looked at installing the new t.v. that I won.

Well, there is some assembly required! About 10 screws and plugs and wires are included. That means, I'll need help installing it!

The screws were to attach the television to the base. A power pack, and all the wires and plugs spell disaster in waiting.