Most of the major league season will start on March 31, 2014. It's the time of year where fans of all teams have hope that this will be the year. Who really thought that Boston would have won the World Series last year? Can they do it again this season? Here are my predictions.American League East:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: The pitching is just so strong and they lineup is getting better with young players like Wil Meyers developing. The AL East could be the toughest division in baseball and I'll take Tampa Bay to win the division.

2. New York Yankees: The Yankees should rebound this season, the major reason why is the improved starting pitching. Add Jacoby Ellsbury to the lineup and the Yankees should be back in contention.

3. Boston Red Sox: The World Series champions had everything go right last season. The starting staff is good, not great. Will John Lackey have another good season? Can Jake Peavy string together a solid year. Can Clay Bucholz stay healthy? The lineup has a big hole in it without Jacoby Ellsbury. They should be good and contend for a wild card spot.

4. Baltimore Orioles: A good team in a tough division. I like the lineup with Chris Davis and Adam Jones. Can the starting pitching contend with the staffs of Tampa Bay, New York and even Boston, I don't think so.

5. Toronto Blue Jays: They have several big bats and should score a lot of runs, they'll need to, the Blue Jays pitching looks porous. The play of Jose Reyes is key, if he has a good season, the could place higher.

American League Central:

1. Detroit Tigers: Great starting pitching and solid bats. Weaknesses for the Tigers? Defense and team speed. Still enough arms and bats to win the division.

2. Kansas City Royals: The young players have another year playing together and the win total should reflect that this season. Could be a playoff team.

3. Cleveland Indians: Terry Francona is a good manager. They have decent starting pitching and some good pieces on offense. Just over a .500 team with a chance at a wild card.

4. Chicago White Sox: I think they'll improve this season. They have some good young bats and a great pitcher with Chris Sale. I think if they have a .500 season, it will be a successful season for the White Sox.

5. Minnesota Twins: Not enough pitching.

American League West:

1. Los Angeles Angels: The Angels have too much talent to have another bad year. I think Hamilton and Pujols will bounce back this year.

2. Texas Rangers: Good starting pitching and plenty of big bats make them a contender.

3. Seattle Mariners: They have one of the best pitchers in baseball with Felix Hernandez and now they have Robinson Cano in their lineup. They should be improved.

4. Oakland A's: The young A's over achieved last season and come into 2014 with plenty of injuries. I don't think they'll repeat last seasons success.

5. Houston Astros: They are still a long way away from reaching .500

I like Tampa Bay over Los Angeles Angels for the AL crown.

My World Series Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays with the Dodgers winning it all.