It's hard to believe that just over 30 years ago I graduated from Edward Little High School in Auburn. Until eight years ago, I lived just about a mile from the school and never received an invitation to any of our reunions.Much to my suprise, thirty years later, I saw a facebook page on the Class of 83 reunion. I ended up going to the reunion meetings and ended up on the planning committee!

We had a class of around 350 and we have found all but 60 or so addresses. The deadline to RSVP is July 20th.

Our reunion is August 3rd at the Ramada Inn of Lewiston. I think this is going to be interesting. I really wasn't extremely social in school. I was a pretty good student, got along with just about everyone and just did my work, put in my four years and moved on.

Looking back, I wished I was more outgoing and formed bonds with people I graduated with. I hope the old saying, 'better late than never', is true!

I'll have plenty of pictures and stories to post after the reunion, in the meantime, take a look at how I have aged in 30 years! Be kind with your comments!