This past weekend, I had a list of things to get done around the house, for those that know me well, I don't do lists. I wanted to paint the back deck, mow the lawn, clean the house, grocery shopping, laundry. There was a fly in my plan.

I was invited to an anniversary BBQ on Saturday in Lisbon, I couldn't pass that up! So, that only left Sunday to get everything done (and make time for the gym).

So after the gym, I made my way to Aubuchon Hardware in Augusta and the staff found the paint that I had used the last time I painted.

So I got home, ate lunch, then tackled the painting project.

I scraped the deck, not nearly as much as I should of, then I started painting. Maybe 15 minutes into the project, I got stung by a wasp! OUCH!

After a couple of hours, I was done, not to much paint on my, not that best job but it's done!

I immediately mowed the lawn after painting and did get the groceries and laundry done but didn't clean the house. I'll have to do that over the week.

Check out my new deck!