The waiting room, the ride up the elevator, then the long walk to get the final judgement from the American Idol judges. It's 'final judgement' time on season 13 of American Idol, as the judges make their final cuts to select the top 15 men and the top 15 ladies. Here's a recap from last night and some comment.The show starts with Harry Connick Jr. telling the remaining constants 'Don't say you feel sick....suck it up and sing.' Well said Harry!

Now on to the contestants:

Emily Piriz, I kind of remember her from the auditions, but WOW! her final performance was stellar, she advances.

Here's the list of who has moved on:

Spencer Lloyd
George Lovett
Sam Woolf
Maurice Townsend
Dexter Roberts
Emmanuel Zidor
Jordan Brisbane
Malcolm Allen
Alex Preston

Emily Piriz
Jillian Jensen
Mayala Watson
Bria Anai Johnson
Jessica Muese
NK Nob Lette
Kristen O'Connor
Andrina Brodgen

We'll find out the rest of the top 30 tonight.

The show ended with two of my favorites having to sing to save a spot into the top 30. Casey Thrasher and CJ Harris, two singers from Alabama, Casey is pure country and CJ is country/pop/rock. The show left off saying only one of them would make it. I hope they end up taking both.

Other comments: I really disagree with Emmanuel Zidor, MK, Jordan Brisbane and Alex Preston advancing to the top 30. I hated seeing Jesse Roach not make it.

Here's Emily Piriz from last night, she was fantastic!! One to watch, see for youself.