Season XIII auditions roll on to the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah and the solid talent continues. What was different for me last night, was how much I disagreed with Keith Urban. I really thought the judges let some people through who I would not have voted for and they didn't let one through, who I thought was one of the best of the night! Let's look back.I'll break this down into which few were my favorites. Who the judges let through that I disagreed with and the one BIG omission that I felt the judges didn't send through to Hollywood.

My favorites:

Alex Preston from New Hampshire! He's a self-professed band geek, he played guitar and sang an original song (that was good). He had a solid bluesy feel to his voice and was different in a good way.

Julie Awful, what a name! She has a pure, almost angelic voice. Her voice was pure and clear and she's gorgeous. Keith voted no, It was part of a trend last night of Keith and me disagreeing!

Paisley Van Patten. She's a 25 year old who had a record deal in Nashville when she was 15. She has battled alcoholism and is trying to restart her career. She sang Faith Hill's 'When the Lights Go Down'. She really wowed me!

Here are some of the contestants that the judges let through that I disagreed with.

DJ Bradley a young man who sang Adele. My notes as I watched were simply not good. Jennifer Lopez liked him, you could tell that Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. weren't crazy about him, but he got the golden ticket anyway.

Briston Maroney He's 15 years old and was playing his great grandfather's guitar. He was a nice guy, polite, humble, I was rooting for him. He sang some Rolling Stones and well, I thought it was bad. The judges loved it. I think the judges are confusing artsy and unique with vocal quality.

Carmen Delgina Her Dad was in the Sugar Hill gang. Her voice just wasn't that special or strong. The judges kind of said that but let her through anyway.

Now the one contestant that they didn't let through that I thought was one of the best of the night.

Jessica Bassett  We really didn't meet her, we heard her singing as they showed various clips of other singers that didn't make it, then they showed her singing and playing guitar and told her she didn't make it. My jaw hit the floor. She was one of my favorites from last night.

30 people moved on last night, 193 so far this season. One more night of auditions tonight from, wait for it Peyton Manning, Omaha!