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In what could have been the most breakneck show ever in American Idol history, the start of Hollywood Week has begun on season 13 of American Idol. This season featured a 'twist' to Hollywood Week, what was it?It was 'The Hanger'. The 212 contestants that earned a golden ticket to Hollywood were bused to an airplane hanger, where the American Idol judges, asked 52 contestants to sing again. Then they sent 32 contestants on to 'Bus A' and the other 20 onto 'Bus B'. One bus went to the airport to send them home and the other bus sent them through to Hollywood Week. Bus B went to Hollywood Week.

Now we frantically saw some of the contestants sing to advance to the 'Group Round' of Hollywood Week. Some of the standouts included Majesty Rose York, Kenzie Hall and Ethan Thompson, CJ Harris, Jesse Roache, Casey Thrasher and Dexter Roberts

One of my early favorites, Brian Watt, was sent home, he sang Blake Shelton's 'God Gave Me You' and I thought he sounded great.

Then there were others that made it to the group round, that I really just scratched my head on the judges decision. Like Emmanuel Zidir, Keith London, etc.

After the Hanger and the other cuts, the 212 has been trimmed to 102.

Now the remaining 102 are asked to form a group of 3 to 4 and to pick a song on a list. They will be judged on singing, choreography, and so on.

Group Round during Hollywood Week is when the drama starts. One contestant already quit, saying he was too sick to perform, come on guy, man up!

Two of my early favorites Tessa Kate and Pasiley Van Patten weren't featured on the show, if there were, I didn't see them. I hope they are still in the running.

Group Round begins tonight. One other twist, America will vote for the final contestant to make the top 30.

Here's a look at Majesty Rose York, one of the standouts so far.