It was Motown night on American Idol as the top eight took the stage with advice from Smokey Robinson. Here's the recap from last night.Candice Glover - 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' Candice gave her usual strong performance. It was bluesy and powerful.

Lazaro Arbos - 'For Once In My Life' He was much better than last week, but is still one of the weaker singers left on the show.

Janelle Arthur - 'You Keep Me Hanging On' She played guitar and reworked this classic from the Supremes. I loved it, the judges seem to as well.

Devin Velez - 'Tracks Of My Tears' I thought he sang it alright but it just didn't do much. The falsetto seemed forced, the judges liked it.

Brunell Taylor - My Cherie Amour - I could have sworn that his voice cracked at the beginning of the song. He over emphasizes some sounds in certain words and it can come off as a little odd. Again, the judges disagreed with me and loved it.

Angie Miller - 'Shop Around' She showed a natural stage presence, but the vocal was sub par for Angie, I'll chalk it off as a bad week.

Amber Holcomb - 'Lately' The best vocal of the night. Amber was in the bottom three last week, hopefully this performance will gain her new fans.

Kree Harrison - 'Don't Play That Song' Again, Kree was strong with her vocals but she chose a song that isn't well known. It could be risky.

They also sang group songs last night:

First Kree and Janelle singing Madonna. That sounds like it won't work and it didn't.

Angie, Amber and Candice sang I'm Gonna Make You Love Me and this was by far the best group performance of the night.

Devin, Brunell and Lazaro 'sang' I Can't Help Myself' and wow, was it BAD! Nicki Manjaj actually told them to 'get off the stage'! It seemed like Brunell and Devin were throwing Lazaro under the bus after her comments!


Now for the judges: Did you notice that Keith Urban was wearing a t-shirt with 'Detroit vs. Everybody' pretty smart choice on Motown night! Nicki seemed angry that Mariah was more chatty than usual. Randy was Randy and Mariah had to be bleeped for bad language and seemed to be feeling no pain.

My guess at the bottom three. Tough call

I'll say: Devin, Brunell and Lazaro with Brunell leaving. Maybe the judges save will get used!

Who did you like last night? Who do you think will be leaving?

Keith Urban will perform on the results show tonight and it's country week next week with Carrie Underwood!