The Lisbon Left Hand Club Horseshoe League began last night. It was cold! About 45 and wicked windy but no rain! The league continues to grow with 19 teams and all but one of the ten pits being used at the club made for a busy night.

So how did the night go?

I warmed up for a few minutes and I was shocked that I was getting ringers about every third shoe I pitched. I hadn't shot a horseshoe since September.

Then the match started and I was back to normal. I had a bad night, only getting 5 ringers out of 60 shots. Way below by 15% ringer percentage. However, the team did pretty good and we ended up with a 3-3 tie for the night.

I will only be a part-time player this season, we have five shooters, and me and Scott on the team will be alternating each week. Not sure why no one else on the team is sitting out?

The team consists of one of my best friends, Noland Easler, he's the captain. Co-captain is Mike Thompson, there's Lad Brown, Scott Pomerleau and me!