The Lisbon Left-Hand Club Horseshoe League is scheduled to start the season on April 24th! It seems like we are starting a few weeks earlier this season. Bundle up, there are still some cold nights ahead. Our captain from the past few years will not be shooting for us this year. He got moved to second shift at work! We have added a player, but we really could use a part-time, good shooter to add to the team.Our team isn't that good, the core of the team shoots a ringer percentage between 15-20%, our new player has never shot in the league before. So, if you would like to join the team and play part-time, let us know!

The league starts on April 24th and shoots on Wednesday nights, usually starting at 6:30 and the night wraps up by 8:30 to 9. All matches are at the Lisbon Left-Hand Club. The new member could carpool with me from Augusta.

There is a chance I might not be able to shoot to many shoes, my right wrist has been hurting for the past month or so, and I do think the pitching motion will be painful for me.

Any questions about the team and the league, just e-mail.