February 10, 2014 I started my Mend A Body Solutions journey. I was kind of nervous, I had some self-doubt, could I do this? Fast forward to March 23, 2014, just six weeks later, and I have no lost 17 pounds!It's come to the point where I don't even have to think twice about food selections of what, when and how much to eat. After that huge five pounds weight loss in week one, I have lost two or three pounds each week since.

I have six more weeks to go with this round of Mend A Body Solutions and my goal was to lose the weight that I had gained from my low weight mark of two summers ago. I am only 15 pounds from my goal.

The three months brings me to May 10,2014. Beyond that, I'd like to lose twenty more pounds by July 4th!

Besides losing the weight, I feel more energetic, and I have that great problem of having to buy new, smaller sized clothes!

Take that first step and try Mend A Body Solutions, visit mend a body dot net!