We are hours away from 2013, it sounds so futuristic to me. I do want to thank our B98.5 listeners for another great year. I've been working here since August of 2000 and it's amazing to look back at all the fun we've had this year.

We've had great concerts like Dierks Bentley, then there's fair season with the Windsor Fair and Skowhegan State Fair. We also had fun with the Day at Capitol Park and our Waterfront Wednesday concerts. Then there is 'Tanks' giving and the Salvation Army Christmas Castle.

I can tell you 2013 is shaping up to be an even bigger year! If you think about it, our listeners are such a big part of the family here at B98.5. Without you none of it would matter.

New Year's Eve is here and I am really not a party type of guy. The one New Year's Eve that sticks out for me is when I was going to the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting and I came home for the holiday break. A good friend of mine, James Campbell, his family had a camp in Raymond, Maine and a group of 7 or 8 of us all got together. We ice fished, play cards, had a few adult beverages. We started to roughhouse and I body slammed James onto the coach and broke it!

Another New Year's Eve that stands out to me is when I was working at another radio station and we were broadcasting live at New Year's Portland. We had a mobile broadcasting trailer and we were powering it with a generator. I had to add gas to the generator and I bent over the exhaust pipe while filling it and burnt a whole in my coat and burnt my belly! I got to go home early that night.

I want to wish all of our listeners a happy New Year and thank you for making 2012 so much fun!