It was late Sunday afternoon and I had a really busy week coming up at work, so I decided to get some groceries and not add that to my list of things to do during my upcoming frantic week.I stopped into Hannaford at Cony Circle only to discover that I didn't have my checkbook with me. So, I drove home and drove back to Hannaford, only a 10-minute trip. It's now pushing 6:45 p.m..

On my list of things to get were their pepper and onion turkey burgers in the Butcher Shop at Hannaford.

The display showed that they didn't have any of them left, the worker behind the Butcher Shop counter, went out back and found a pre-packaged four-pack. Then he said I had two options, I had asked for two burger patties, he could open the package and give me two and throw the other two out. The second choice was take all four and get them for free! He had mentioned that they would still get credit for them and no food would be thrown out.

I took all four and got almost $7 worth of turkey burgers for free!

I immediately starting thinking of people to call to come over to my house and share in my unexpected windfall. I ended up cooking all four turkey burgers, ate two of them and will use the other two patties with my scrambled eggs in the morning.

I have to say that this made my day, I saved seven dollars and had a wicked good dinner!

What good things have happened to you at the supermarket?