Don't you just love it when friends and relatives show you their vacation pictures? Well, it's my turn to do it to Bee Nation! I had a good vacation, it all started with my kickoff BBQ on Sunday, June 29th. It was a beautiful day and a few good friends made it. I actually didn't have any mishaps with the grill and my cole slaw was a hit (maybe a future 'Cooking For Guys'). The biggest hit at the party was the ladderball game!

I bought a ladderball game and bean bag toss game, thankfully my friends were there to assemble the games, and it really took my party to a higher level.

After the party, my vacation slowed down quite a bit. I did a little shopping, got my furnace cleaned and went to the Winthrop municipal beach. Other than that, lots of relaxing, keeping up with the gym, I didn't gain weight during my vacation!

We did play horseshoes on Wednesday, during rain and lightning! Then I wrapped up vacation with going to the gym with my buddy Heath.

It was a good vacation and I am ready to be back to work!