I took on the AFC in part one of Andy's Football Preview, now here's my take on the NFC.

Let's start in the east. The New York Giants are the defending Superbowl Champions and will be very solid again this season. The Dallas Cowboys, might have lost their TE Jason Whitten, which could be a very big loss for them. Washington always seems to have a good defense and running game and with the addition of rookie QB Robert Griffin III, they'll be exciting to watch and the Eagles look solid all around. I'll take the Eagles first, followed by the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins.

In the NFC North, the old black and blue division, Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers and will always be a threat to win the division. Detriot is a young team on the rise. If they ever found a running game and became more disciplined, they'd be in the running for the division. Chicago has a good balance on offense, however their offensive line has been a problem in the past. Minnesota, is a team with a young QB, and questions about Adrian Peterson's health are cause for concern. I'll take Green Bay first, followed by Chicago, Detriot and Minnesota.

The NFC South looks like a battle bewteen New Orleans and Atlanta. I think this is the year that Atlanta wins the division. Carolina is a young team in search of a defense. Tampa Bay could be the weakest team in the NFC.

The NFC West features the 49ers, who could have the best defense in the league and have added some upgrades on offense. I think Seattle will be improved, their question is at QB. I'll take San Francisco first, followed by Seattle, St. Louis and Arizona.

My pick for the NFC Championship game is San Francisco versus Philadelphia, with the 49ers meeting the Patriots in the Superbowl and The Patriots winning their 4th title! What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.