Here’s an update on the first round of the Lisbon Left-Hand Club Horseshoe League playoffs, WE WON! It’s kind of a funny situation, last season we were the 16th place team and had to play the 1st team in the first round of the playoffs. We won in a tiebreaker, 4-3. As fate would have it, this year we are the 14th place team and we faced the 3rd place team in the playoffs. It was the same team we faced last season in the first round!

I honestly was thinking there is no way we are going to pull off the upset again. Before we started the match, I was practicing and was shooting well. However once the match started my shooting went downhill. I was thinking too much before shooting and had a bad night. Thankfully, the rest of the guys on the team, Noland, Lad and Mike shot great and we won the first round of the playoffs and are in the top 8. We shoot again this Wednesday. I’ll update you next week on what happens. Thanks for all of your support and kind words, and I heard we are going to have karaoke at the banquet this year! Awesome.