Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Augusta,Maine will be featured this weekend on Book TV on C-SPAN2 and American History TV on C-SPAN3. C-SPAN producers were in the city in September to record the programs. Augusta was chosen to part of C-SPAN's tour that highlights the historical and literary aspects of mid-sized cities across the country.

C-SPAN coordinating producer, Debbie Lamb, says that C-SPAN wants to give a national audience the flavor of what makes up Augusta.The idea of the 'LCV Cities Tour' is to give C-SPAN viewers a look at communities that they might not otherwise see.

C-SPAN's visit to Augusta will be seen on Book TV on C-SPAN2 and on American History Channel on C-SPAN3. The shows will air on October 6th and 7th. The programs will highlight visits to the Maine State Museum, The Maine State Archives, the State House,Old Fort Western and the Blaine House.

C-SPAN will also talk with several local political figures and local authors. C-SPAN 2 airs on Time Warner Channel 20 and C-SPAN 3 is on channel 149.