A big Bee salute to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by the O'Connor Auto Park.

Keith Tibbetts

Army National Guard


Keith is my cousin, but we were raised as brother and sister. Keith is an exceptional person. He grew up in Livermore Falls, choosing to go into the military to further his education. He found his true calling, he is proud to wear the uniform, and to answer the call of duty. When home on American soil, he travels from Manchester to Bangor every day to work, and also continues to further his education. Keith has always been the one who would give the shirt off his back, stop to help anyone out, people, animals... He is well respected by all who know him. Keith is currently deployed on a second tour. The first deployment, he was a single young guy, this time he has a wife and two small children, which makes it difficult. They want their daddy home to tuck them in, he wants the same, but simply put, he said" this is my job". He is a hero to his family, his friends and a true American Soldier!

Nominated by Monica Smith