Today is election day and as I was broadcasting live from Goggin's IGA in Randolph this morning, I saw many customers walking into the store with their 'I Voted Today' stickers. I also saw plenty of generous people donating to the 'TANKS'giving food drive.

We would like to thank Jack Goggin and the employees at Goggin's IGA for their generous donation. Day two, is what I like to call, our local day of the food drive. The food collected today at Goggin's goes to the food bank in Gardiner and Randolph. We are also at George's Banana Stand in Skowhegan collecting non-perishable food and the food collected there, stays in Skowhegan.

We'd like to thank the Maine Army National Guard and especially Sgt.Niles and Tammy Armstrong, both of them have been a part of 'TANKS'giving since I can remember! Thanks central Maine for making this such a success and checkout Randy's on going video blog at