A big Bee salute to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by HS Builders and the Red Barn.

Tim Libby

Farmer-Maine Farmland Trust


Back in 2007, Tim Libby was both excited about learning to farm and bothered by the hunger and poverty his neighbors experienced. Tim decided to put his passion for farming to work on the purpose of relieving hunger in the greater Unity, Maine area, so he founded Veggies For All, a food bank farm which grows vegetables for local food pantries. Seven years later, Veggies For All (which is now a project of Maine Farmland Trust) has grown to 3 acres, produced nearly 100,000 pounds of produce, reached approximately 1500 people who need help accessing fresh vegetables, and engaged hundreds of volunteers in service to community. Tim, now the Farm Manager for Veggies For All, has all the determination and work ethic to make him a "hometown hero" in Unity. Learn more: www.veggiesforall.org

Nominated by Sara Trunzo