Randy and I were challenged, by my sister-in-law Justine Duplessis, to do the ALS Ice Challenge to raise awareness for ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Well, really I was challenged  and when I’m presented with a dare, I take it and I bring Randy along kicking and screaming.  What a guy! 

This cause hits rather close to home for me.  My grandmother died from ALS.  She was my best friend.  I will gladly do what I need to bring awareness for this disease.

Now, I have the pleasure of nominating some other souls to take this Ice Challenge for ALS Awareness.  Randy nominates Sam Alex, who hosts the Taste of Country Nights radio show on B98.5.  I nominate my husband, Rawni Dyer and my brother, Joe Duplessis (who so kindly dumped the ice water on Justine’s head).  OK guys, you have 24 hours!

Here we are taking the challenge! Andy Capwell was eager to help us out...I wonder why???